{Mission: Smoked Fish Tacos}

On Saturday morning, Jeff and I set out for Cayucos, a small, quaint beach town just north of SLO up Highway 1. Our mission: to locate Ruddell’s Smokehouse and see what their fish tacos were all about. My parents have stopped a few times on their way to visit and always rave about their salmon fish tacos. Plus, they were featured in this month’s Sunset article about the “25 absolutely best places to eat along Western highways,”  so we figured it was about time to check them out–not to mention the fact that fish tacos are pretty much my favorite food ever!

We found it easily enough with the help of my handy iphone GPS app (I would never get anywhere without it!). The front was rather unassuming, but we watch enough Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives to know not to judge a restaurant by it’s cover!

Ruddell's Smokehouse

With the ocean a few steps away, we ordered our tacos to-go: a salmon fish taco for me and 2 pork tacos for Jeff, and headed over to the beach to enjoy our bounty with a view.

As soon as I opened the aluminum foil, the insatiable smell of the smoked salmon nearly knocked me over. And the first bite…I think OMG!!! is the only thing that can even begin to describe the deliciousness of these tacos! Seriously, I didn’t eat or drink anything else for about 4 hours to keep the taste in my mouth…

The tacos were filled to the brim with smoked salmon, lettuce, carrots, celery, and apples all contained in a perfectly grilled flour tortilla. And even though I usually try not to eat meat, Jeff persuaded me to try a bite of his pork and it was just packed with ridiculous delicious, melt-in-your-mouth smokey bacon flavor.

Salmon Fish Tacos

And with a view like this, how could life be any better??

Cayucos Beach


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