{Farmer’s Market}


On Saturday, Jeff, our friend Amy, and I headed up to Templeton to check out their Saturday morning farmer’s market and do a little wine tasting. I usually go to the farmer’s market in SLO on Saturdays, but I had heard such great things about this market and had been dying to check it out! Plus, it gave me an excuse to head up to wine country for the afternoon–definitely an added bonus!

The market takes place from 9am-12:30pm each Saturday in the park. We arrived a little after 11 and there was still plenty of fruit and veggies, and surprisingly, quite a crowd!

Farmer's Market 1

Farmer's Market 2

We picked up some tomatoes, tomatillos (salsa verde!), ridiculously delicious white nectarines, lemon cucumbers, and a fruit medley of raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries. The fruit was to die for–Jeff pretty much ate the entire container before we even made it back to the car!


We’ll definitely have to head back sometime soon!

Do you shop your local farmer’s market?


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