{Wine Tasting}

Welcome Newcomers!

After the farmer’s market, we picked up some sandwiches at the local deli and headed out to wine country!

Templeton and Paso Robles are home to dozens of amazing wineries, second only to Napa in California. I’ve been wine tasting in the area a few times before, so our plan was to go to 2 wineries we’d never been to before and 1 old favorite.

First stop: Summerwood


Summerwood is actually a winery and inn, and would be a great place to stay for a romantic weekend in the area!

See the gazebo hiding in the background? That’s where we ate our sandwiches before heading in to the tasting room–it felt a movie set!

Summerwood Gazebo

Jeff and I are beer drinkers usually, so I won’t pretend like I actually know much about wine. Our pourer was friendly, the tasting was fun, and the view was amazing–can’t really ask for much more than that! My favorite part is reading all of the wine descriptions. One of the wines here was supposed to taste like exploding volcanic rocks!

Here’s the view out of the tasting room:Summerwood View

2nd stop: Castoro Cellars

Castoro Cellars

Castoro Cellars was the largest winery we visited. They had 3 free wine tastings, so we all decided to get different selections and share our picks!

Castor Cellars Wine

They have a beautiful spot on top of a hill so after the tasting, we enjoyed the sunny day out on their patio before moving on.

3rd and final stop: Kenneth Volk

Kenneth Volk

We had been to Kenneth Volk before, but it was still a must stop because we love their wine! I think I had an entire bottle of their merlot on my birthday last year… Plus, they share their grounds with Fat Cat Farm, so they have an awesome outdoor area complete with goats, bunnies, chickens, an herb garden, and a cute outdoor shop!

Fat Cat Farms

They had the picnic tables set up for an event later that afternoon.

Picnic Tables

Picnic Tables

Jeff and I both decided to do the full tasting here–$10 for 6 wines and you got to keep the glass!

Kenneth Volk Wine Glass

The bottles were a bit too expensive for us to justify splurging on, but the wine was definitely the best all day!

Perfect weather, delicious food and wine, and great company–couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon!


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