{Lunchtime Stir Fry}

Stir Fry

This is definitely an it’s the end of the week and I don’t have any groceries or fresh fruit or vegetables left in my house kind of meal!

Before I went grocery shopping last weekend, I had just read an article in my monthly Nutrition Action magazine about how you should buy frozen veggies to have on-hand when you’re feeling lazy, rushed, or like me, are out of fresh veggies so you don’t  to skip the nutrients in your meal. So, with the article in mind, I picked up some frozen stir fry veggies during my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s!

I love that these frozen veggies are really just that–vegetables, with no preservatives or salt added. I had also grabbed some of TJ’s frozen organic brown rice while I was at the store. It comes in meal-ready individual packets for when you don’t have the time to wait forever to cook brown rice.

Fast forward to the end of the week and you get ridiculously uncreative but easy and tasty stir fry!

Stir Fry Ingredients

Lunchtime Stir Fry Recipe

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1 package Trader Joe’s organic brown rice
1 cup frozen Trader Joe’s stir fry vegetables (pea pods, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, soybeans, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and carrots)
1 egg
1 tb canola oil
1 tb teriyaki sauce


Heat large non-stick pan with half of canola oil.

Heat brown rice in microwave according to package instructions.

Scramble egg in small bowl and when pan is hot, add egg and cook until slightly brown. Break egg into small, bite-size chunks and set aside in small bowl.

Add remaining canola oil to the pan with the frozen vegetables. Cook until most of the water evaporates, about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Add brown rice to vegetable mixture and combine.

Add teriyaki sauce.

Add egg back into the rice/vegetable mixture.

Cook for about 1 more minute, serve, and enjoy!

Stir Fry


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  1. Kelsey – I love that the meals you post are for “everyday” folks. We follow a couple recipe blogs and sometimes the posted recipes are so involved that we laugh, noting that the blogger obviously doesn’t have kids. Thanks for posting recipes that work for all of us with busy schedules. Keep up the good work! – Amy

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