{The Winter Sea}

The Winter Sea

I just finished reading The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley and it was so good!! It’s historical fiction written from the perspective of a strong female narrative with more than a touch of romance–definitely my kind of book!

I’ve always loved historical fiction and Kearsley’s book was no exception. It tells the story of a modern day writer, Carrie, who travels to the coast of Scotland while researching her latest book. Of Scottish heritage herself, she decides to place one of her ancestors–Sophia–as her female protagonist. The book weaves back and forth between present day and Carrie’s novel as we learn that Carrie may be more connected to the past than she realized…

The story within the story revolves around Carrie’s ancestor, Sophia, who goes to live with a distant cousin in a castle also on the coast of Scotland. While she lives there, she not only becomes entrenched in the plot to restore exiled James I to the Scottish and subsequently, English, throne, but also falls for one of the plot’s most integral players–John Moray.

Do you want to read it yet?!

The story was beautifully written (and being an English major, I can be kind of a book snob!) and was definitely a page-turner, despite being a little over 500 pages. And although I correctly guessed the ending with about 200 pages to go, the journey to that end was still well worth it!

If you’re looking for a last bit of summer reading, I highly recommend The Winter Sea!

On a side note, I am seriously considering dying my hair red after reading this book…we shall see!

What’s been your favorite summer reading book this summer?


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