{The Help}

The Help

I could not put this book down! The characters were so human and intriguing, they felt like friends I had known my entire life by the end of the first chapter.

I first learned about this book when my brother called me the night before our mom’s birthday asking what he should get her…men. So I looked up the bestsellers list on amazon, saw this was number one, read a review or two, and told him to go get it for her. He ended up not buying it but the very next weekend, my sister was reading it while she was in town and ending up loving it, so I figured it was fate that I should read this book!

The story takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960s, and follows the lives of 2 African American women–the “help”–and one white upper class young writer in search of an idea for her first novel. The story, however, is less about the novel and more about the everyday interaction between the white homeowners and the black help they depend on to run their household, a unique relationship defined by prejudice, fear, and, at times, admiration and even love.

If you just have time for one more book to read this summer, I would highly suggest The Help. Plus, the movie starring Emma Stone comes out on Friday and I always love comparing books to movie adaptations!


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