{Hiking Along the Coast}

Montana de Oro

Another weekend, another Saturday adventure!

My absolute favorite, favorite, favorite place to hike in the area is in Montana de Oro state park just outside the small town of Los Osos. Stunning coastal vistas, a beautiful and flat 2.1 mile walking/biking trail along the bluffs, and plenty of hiking trails to explore. What more could you ask for?

Jeff and I used to go here a lot when we first moved to SLO, but for some reason, we haven’t been going as often lately. So I dragged him out here Saturday afternoon to ride our bikes along the bluff trail and just take in the spectacular views.

Bluff Trail

Montana de Oro

Montana de Oro

Montana de Oro

Montana de Oro

At the end of the trail, we stumbled on the Pecho Coast Trail–a 2.6 mile trail along the bluffs bordering the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. I hadn’t realized the trail was open to the public, so we checked in at the ranger station (they have to keep track of everyone because of the power plant) and decided to explore a bit. Apparently, if you hike to the end of the trail you can actually see the power plant–which I never have before–but we were starting to get hungry, so we just checked out the sunken caves and headed back to the car for lunch. We’ll definitely be back to hike all the way soon!

Pecho Coast Trail

Pecho Coast Trail

Pecho Coast Trail

Sunken Sea Caves

The fog was just starting to clear as we started biking down the trail, and on our way back, it cleared enough to see the rock in Morro Bay–definitely a rare sight!

View of the Rock in Morro Bay

When we got back to the car, we feasted on a late lunch of sourdough bread, brie, and some delicious organic apples I had picked up at the farmer’s market that morning while we enjoyed one last look at the scenery.

Montana de Oro will always mean a lot to me, especially since Jeff and I decided to have the majority of our engagement photos taken at the beach and in the hills overlooking the water.

Montana de Oro Engagement Photos

Montana de Oro Engagement Photos

You can find more info about Montana de Oro at the state parks website here.

Do you have a favorite hiking spot in your area?


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