{Lemon Cucumbers}

Lemon Cucumbers

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with cucumbers.  I even painted a picture of one in elementary school that still hangs in my old room at home…yep, that obsessed. We used to grow them every year in our own garden at home, so I was very excited to finally see them pop up in our local farmer’s markets for the past few weeks.

Lemon cucumbers are sweeter and a bit more flavorful than traditional cucumbers, so I usually just eat them on their own (or sometimes with a bit of red wine vinegar) or throw them in a salad. Like most vegetables, you want to pick the ones that are firm to the touch and are still slightly more green, like the one on the left in the picture. When they start to yellow like the one on the right, they need to be eaten right away before they go bad–I’m having that one for lunch!


Anyone else out there with strange vegetable or fruit obsessions?





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  1. Just stumbled across your blog from following a comment on another. I went to Poly and was just in San Luis this weekend. And I have an undying love for lemon cucumbers (hence their space in my garden)! Looking forward to perusing further…

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