{Firestone Brewery}


This Saturday, we headed north to visit the Firestone Brewery in Paso Robles, a weekend trip Jeff was more than happy to take part in! Firestone beer is a staple here on the central coast–you can find their signature Double Barrel Ale (or DBA) at nearly every restaurant in the area. Jeff and I have been to the brewery a few times, but it’s always fun to revisit, especially since I have to head back to work this week!

We decided to get a set of of four 4oz tasters each–I always love the presentation of tasters at breweries!


I tried the hefeweizen, oaktoberfest, walker’s reserve, and nectar IPA–so good!

Before we left, we made sure to fill up our growler with the unfiltered DBA, which is basically the regular DBA without carbonation. A growler is a great buy if you live close to a brewery or just want a souvenir. Basically, it’s a giant jug for holding beer–you only have to pay for the growler itself once and then each time you go back, you just pay the refill price.


The brewery is definitely a fun place to visit if you want a change from the usual wine tasting in the area. Oh, and they do tours on the weekend but make sure you wear closed-toe shoes–Jeff and I couldn’t go because I was wearing my usual flip-flops. Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to go back again!


For more information, check out their website here.


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