{SloCo Pasty Co}

Veggie Pasty

Jeff and I love visiting new restaurants in the area and this one had been on my list to try since they opened a few months ago right around the corner from The Sock Drawer.

For those of you who are confused by the name like I was, “pasty” is pronounced “pass-tee” not “pays-tee” like I thought at first…the latter is something entirely different!

According to their website, “The story of Cornish pasties dates back several hundred years. In fact, no one is really sure when the first pasty was actually made. The oldest known recipe on record for pasties dates to 1746 and is registered with the Cornwall Records Office in Truro. So, we are pretty sure that they started in Cornwall, England. Pasties became a staple of the diet for the hard-working tin miners of Cornwall in the 19th century.”

Jeff and I had the opportunity to study abroad in London a few years ago, so we love places that bring on the English nostalgia. Be warned: these pasties are huge and full of butter–definitely not something to eat if you’re on a diet! I ordered the vegetarian bake filled with veggie sausage, black beans, corn, onions, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, green chilies, and cream cheese and it was amazing! Jeff got the aporkrodite–pork loin, feta cheese, gorgonzola cheese, cream cheese, bacon, and chives. We both paired our pasties with the Newcastle Summer Ale to complete British feel of the meal.

On a side note, England was the place where Jeff and I really started drinking beer for the first time, so British beer always reminds us of that amazing time!

Newcastle Summer Ale

This is definitely a dangerous place to have so close by!

You can check out their entire menu on their website.


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