{The Ultimate Lazy Night Dinner}


Going back to full time student teaching has definitely put a strain on home cooked meals this week. I’m hoping that once I get used to the new schedule, I’ll be able to find more balance again and feel like I can actually spend more than a few minutes each night cooking a decent dinner. Last night, I just couldn’t face cooking and getting all of my work done. Luckily, I live near enough to one of my favorite places to eat–Gus’s Deli–to quickly grab a sandwich and come back home and get to work! When you get stressed out like I do, sometimes you just need to give into those impulses to make the night a little better.

This is my absolute favorite sandwich in the world: Pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, pepperoncinis, avocado (a must for any sandwich!), mayo, mustard, pepper, and vinegar all on a dutch crunch roll. And the great thing about not eating meat is that the avocado is free!

Now time to start brainstorming for tonight’s dinner…at least it’s Saturday!


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