{Savor the Central Coast}

Central Coast

I love Sunset magazine–it’s pretty much the bible of living on the west coast. In fact, it used to be one of my dreams (and probably still is for that fact) to write for Sunset before I decided to go into teaching after I realized the amount of hours and craziness that goes along with magazine publishing. Although, teaching is an amazing amount of hours and craziness too, so maybe I had that all wrong! Well, anyway, Sunset is hosting one of their “Savor” events on the central coast this year–how cool is that? They actually did a similar event last year and I guess it was so successful, they decided to host another one. I won’t be attending (tear) due to my busy schedule and the small fact that I have no money, but I’m so jealous of all of you out there that will be going! Basically, the event is just four days of visiting some of the best places in the area and eating fresh, local, delicious food. What gets better than that?

Check out the event website for more information. And while you’re at it, check out their facebook page for a chance to win tickets to the event–today’s the last day to enter!

Sunset also has a special section of their website dedicated to an insider guide about the central coast. It has quite a few of my favorite places in the area, but definitely not all!


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