{Back to Work Lunches Part V}

Pesto Pasta

Welcome to the last day of our back to work lunches feature!

Thanks for letting me indulge this week–hopefully you’ve gotten some useful ideas about how to make simple yet creative lunches to take to work/school. Our last lunch this week is pesto pasta and a spinach salad, an easy way to kick off the weekend in a somewhat healthy fashion. I’m heading home to visit family this weekend and I know a lot of eating will definitely be involved!

I love making homemade pesto, but the ingredients are a bit pricey for me to make too often (why are pine nuts so gosh darn expensive?), so this recipe features store bought pesto. In my opinion, most pestos vary quite a bit in taste, so you have to play around with different store bought brands till you find one that suits your own tastes. I just cooked a bit of the pasta I had left over from the pasta salad, added the pesto and a bit of feta cheese, and I was done!

One of my favorite things about bringing salad for lunch is taking my salad dressing along with me in this jar. It’s the perfect size and completely spill proof. I often bring almond butter or ketchup or mustard in it as well.

Dressing Jar

Plus, it contains my favorite salad dressing: peach vinegar from Whole Foods and fresh olive oil from SLO!

This spinach salad contains only 5 ingredients: spinach (bet you could’ve figured that out!), cherry tomatoes, red onion, walnuts, and feta cheese.

Spinach Salad

So there you have it, a whole week’s worth of lunches. Do you think we can keep it up?


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