{An Action Packed Saturday}

Lake Natoma

We may have taken last Saturday off from our usual adventures, but this Saturday definitely made up for it! Since we were only in town for 1 full day, we decided to pack in as much as possible. So after breakfast and a 3-mile walk, my parents and Jeff and I headed to Lake Natoma to go kayaking. I had gotten my parents a GroupOn for the Sacramento Aquatic Center for Christmas last year and 9 months later, we actually made it out to the lake to use it! It was an absolutely gorgeous day–perfect swimming temperature but not too hot out of the water–and we had a blast paddling around the lake for a few hours.

We rented 2 tandem kayaks which was great so I didn’t have to work as hard, though somehow I still managed to be sore Sunday!

Lake Natoma

Lake Natoma

Lake Natoma

Can’t you tell how hard I’m working?

Lake Natoma

After kayaking, we enjoyed a picnic lunch by the bike trail then headed back to shower and get ready for the rest of the day–beer tasting at Yard House, a little shopping, the best dinner ever in Midtown, and Miss Saigon at Music Circus–what a day!

Back to the normal schedule–can’t wait till the 3 day weekend!

How was your weekend?


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