{An Impromptu Night Out}

Big Sky Cafe

In honor of Friday (and a 3 day weekend!!!), I thought I’d tell you about an impromptu Friday night out we had a few weeks ago.

Unmotivated to cook  but unable to decide on any take out, Jeff convinced me to head to one of my favorite restaurants, Big Sky Cafe, despite the fact that I had zero make-up on and zero desire to dress up. But Big Sky was just an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Big Sky Café was one of the first restaurants I ever went to SLO and has remained one of my absolute favorites over the 5 years that I have lived here. The food is everything I love: fresh, local, and packed with flavor. The menu has somewhat of a coastal fusion feel—fresh fish, chili, fish tacos, pozole, and so much more. Their cornbread is to die for and their house salad is by far my favorite salad in the area. And before I stopped eating meat, their BLTA was my go to option—shocking, right? This time, I had the grilled cheese, eggplant, and chipotle sandwich and Jeff had the brown sugar brined pork roast and as always, they were amazing! I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in town. They have all of their menus on their website here.

Pork Roast

Grilled Cheese

Conveniently, Broad Street Tavern (the place with the absinthe) is located right next door, so we went on over after dinner before heading back home. They had a new mixed drink menu, so I decided to forgo beer for once and order “The Frida”–fresh locally grown strawberries, muddled with organic basil, fresh limes and Tequila Fortaleza, topped with our home made sweet and sour, with a salt and sugar rim all muddled together to form by far the best mixed drink I’ve ever had in this town—which is saying a lot since I never drink mixed drinks!

Doesn’t it look delicious?

The Frida

What are you doing this Friday night?


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