{The Pillow Search}


For the past few months, I’ve been searching for the perfect pillows for my bed (I think I’ve been watching too much HGTV lately) Please ignore the wrinkly bedspread, I try to avoid ironing at all costs… I finally found 2 I loved at Coldwater Creek about 2 months ago and have been stalking the website daily waiting for stars to align the pillows to go on sale, the store to offer free shipping, and to be able to use an additional 40% off coupon all before the pillows sold out. I hate buying things full price, what can I say?

Finally, a few weeks ago, the impossible happened and I was able to buy the pillows–they’re the blue and tan striped ones in the middle! Next, I was on the lookout for a lumbar pillow and 2 euro pillows to complete the look. I scoured etsy, macys, pottery barn, and pretty much every home store I could think of but could find nothing that fit the look I was going for. After weeks of searching, I finally found the perfect lumbar pillow on the Cost Plus website–for $10 no less! And being the cheapskate that I am, I waited till I had a coupon then headed over to the store to snatch it up. Then last weekend, I found the perfect euro shams during an impromptu visit to West Elm while visiting my parents on sale for $10 each to complete the ensemble!

Euro Shams

I’ve had the shams and pillows in my room all week, waiting for this weekend when I finally had time to assemble the full look.

My kitty thought it looked nice too I guess–she literally hopped on the bed and went to sleep about 2 minutes after I made it!

Kitty and Pillows

Euro Pillow Shams: $10 each

Striped Pillows: $10 each, with coupon

Lumbar Pillow: $8, with coupon 

Euro Pillow Inserts: $10 each

What do you think?


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