{Custom House}

To celebrate Labor Day morning and my brother being in town, we headed over to Avila Beach to go to one of our favorite breakfast spots–Custom House. Well actually, we first headed to Pismo Beach to go to another one of my favorite breakfast spots, but it ended up being closed–who closes on Labor Day?!

Custom House has prime real estate in Avila Beach and is a great space to enjoy a hearty breakfast and gaze out at the ocean. Jeff and I actually stayed in Avila Beach for our wedding night and went there for breakfast the next morning! We started off with a few mimosas while we decided on what to order. I decided that I was in the mood for a savory breakfast so I ordered the huevos rancheros (did I mention I like beans?) which I devoured in about 5 minutes.

Huevos Rancheros

My brother ordered the french toast churro style. No words needed.

French Toast

After breakfast, we walked out on the pier to enjoy the sunny morning and snap a few shots.

Avila Beach

Here’s the Custom House menu if you’re ever in the area!

Did you go out to eat this weekend?


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