{Anniversary Trip}


Happy Friday everyone!

I’m heading down to LA this weekend, but I wanted to share with you the anniversary trip my husband and I took this year to my other favorite California coastal area. We went in early July back before this whole blogging thing started, so I don’t have quite as many pictures as I would like, but I still think it’s worth it!

My parents used to own a cabin in Camp Meeker just outside of Bodega Bay, so we used to go there quite often on 3 day weekends or vacations. It truly is one of my favorite areas in California and returning there always feels so much like home. I even went on a road trip there with my best friends back when we graduated from high school and if I didn’t live in SLO, the Bodega Bay/Petaluma/Sebastopol area would probably be my second choice. We hadn’t been able to visit for about 2 years so when thinking about what do to for our 1st (!) anniversary, it seemed like the obvious choice. Plus, we wanted to visit one of Jeff’s favorite breweries–Lagunitas!


Let’s just say we tasted a lot of beer! We picked up a few of these cute mason jar pint glasses while we were there–do they look familiar?


The best part of the trip was visiting my absolute favorite bakery in the world–and I don’t say that lightly. The brewery is in Petaluma but when we got there, we decided to drive the 30 minutes each way just to get some infamous Freestone Bakery fougasse. Their fougasse is different each day but usually has some combo of cheese, olives, mushrooms, and garlic. We finished off the loaf in about 20 minutes and had to pick up a 2nd loaf for the drive back the next day. Sorry there isn’t a pic of the bread–guess we’ll just have to visit again soon!

Freestone Bakery


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