{DIY Antique Key Necklaces}

Antique Key Necklaces

A few months ago, I was desperately searching for the perfect antique key necklace to add to my jewelry collection but couldn’t find anything I liked. I scoured etsy, local shops, and even big department stores but the few necklaces that I could find were either too new looking, too short, or just too small. Eventually, I had the brilliant idea–why not just make one myself?

So I immediately went back on etsy to search for the antique keys. Still, the antique keys I was finding were just too expensive. Ultimately, I ended up finding the perfect keys for the perfect price on ebay of all places! Of course, the key I wanted came in a set of 5 other keys, so I ended up with a lot of leftover skeleton keys for about the same price 1 key would have been on etsy.

The rest of the process was pretty easy–I custom ordered a set of antique brass chains on etsy and then picked up a packet of small round closures at Michaels. The necklaces themselves took about 5 minutes to assemble and have made great birthday presents!

Here’s what you do. First, get an antique skeleton key. Again, I highly recommend looking on ebay.

Antique Skeleton Key

Then, get an antique (or new, depending on your preference) long necklace chain–mine are 30 inches and hang just below the chest.

Necklace Chain

You’ll also need a round closure and some needle nose pliers (not picture).


Once you have all of your supplies, all you have to do is open the closure with your needle nose pliers, slip the closure around the top of the key, insert the closure and key into one of the middle rings on your necklace chain, and then close the opening on your closure–that’s it! Easy, right?

I did buy most items in bulk, but I would estimate the total cost per necklace was about $5, if that.

Antique Key Necklace

Would you make your own jewelry?


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