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Hi everyone!

I have a pretty busy Saturday ahead of me today–I’m off to shoot a fall/Halloween photo shoot for the The Sock Drawer then heading over to Morro Bay for the annual avocado and margarita festival–should be fun!

While I’m off galavanting around today, I thought I’d go back to my English roots and take a moment to share my opinion on the world’s new favorite book format–the kindle.

I had absolutely no desire to buy a kindle or a nook when they first came out–an electronic toy to replace my precious books? No thanks. But for Christmas last year, guess what my husband got me? A Kindle! I spent the first few days still pretty skeptical. There was no new (or used) book smell and I felt like I lost the uniqueness that comes with each book. But over time, I have to admit that I’ve slowly fallen in love with the thing. It’s so lightweight and portable and for a girl who often reads 1000 page fantasy novels and often reads for hours at a time (hand cramp anyone?) , that’s almost a godsend itself! Plus, you can download almost any book you want within a matter of seconds and usually for less money than the “real” books. I’ve also uploaded pdfs and textbooks to take with me to class. The only real downside is that you can’t really take it to the beach and they make it pretty difficult to share books with friends. I realize now that my real problems with the kindle were purely based on aesthetics and when you get down to it, the bookI’m reading is still the same book, and I’m going to love it or hate it in any format.

What do you think of the kindle/nook revolution?


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