{Avocados and Margaritas? Yes please!}

Morro Bay

On Saturday afternoon, Jeff and I decided to head north to the annual Morro Bay avocado and margarita festival. We’ve lived here for 6 years and had never been…fail. Actually, I had the festival on my computer calendar all las year and then I think something came up the weekend we were supposed to go and we never made it. But none of that matters anymore since we made it this year! And it was definitely worth it!

The festival started at 12pm but we got there about 2pm after I finished my morning photoshoot. After a 20 minute women’s bathroom line (really?) and a 10 minute wait for tickets, we got our stickers and made it in the gates!



Our first stop was the margarita stand, obviously. I started off with a small peach and Jeff had a small original–they definitely hit the spot on the unusually warm Morro Bay day!


Next, we grabbed some guac and chips and found a spot in the shade to eat and drink our loot. We hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we also grabbed a bite of some real food at the food trucks lining the venue. I was a bit disappointed when none of the food trucks had any vegetarian options, but I somehow convinced SLO’s local food truck, Porter’s, to make me some  off the menu fresh veggie tacos–thanks guys!

Chips and Guac

Veggie Tacos

Chocolate dipped avocados anyone?

Chocolate dipped avocados

We walked around for awhile, had a few more margaritas, picked up a free avocado slicer (really curious to try this out!), and then headed back to SLO around 4pm.

Avocado Slicer

I just wish we could go back next year!

Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival


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