{An End of the Week Treat}

Velvet Foam

Right now (7pm Thursday), my husband is assembling a new computer and my cat is going from door to door whining to be let in but can’t because she might ruin his computer with her hair. And I’m sitting on the couch trying to ignore this all while I try to lesson plan and get some grading done…Sound fun?

All of this is okay, though, because I decided to treat myself tonight to a Black Horse cappuccino and brownie tonight and I honestly couldn’t be more content. Or more caffeinated. Black Horse has the best cappuccinos in town–they’re slogan is even “home of the velvet foam.” so they must be good! They’re definitely a splurge, so I try to avoid going too often but tonight just seemed like the perfect night for a little treat.

And how could you go wrong in a place with a picture of Hanson on the wall?!

Hanson at Blackhorse

If you’re even in town and you’re into great coffee, I highly recommend stopping by!



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