{Local Beer Tasting}

*photo from tapitbrewing.com

On Saturday afternoon, Jeff and I decided to go check out one of our new local breweries in town–Tap It Brewing. Tap It first came on the scene about a year ago and we had the opportunity to taste their beer at the SLO Brews and Bites festival last year. They only had an APA and an IPA and I must admit, neither of us were very impressed of the taste. Fast forward a year and the brewery has managed to get their product everywhere–local bars, pubs, restaurants, local grocery stores, and even big chain grocery stores like Albertson’s. Their marketing department has definitely been busy!

Our favorite hangout, Spikes, added their beer to their “Beers Around the World” list 2-3 months ago, so we had the opportunity to try their beer a second time around and boy, what a difference a year makes! They still only make an IPA and APA but both beers have been refined into great products.

The taproom/brewery itself is well done too. The taproom is tiny, but you can get a four ounce taster for free and then order pints of their IPA or APA for $5. We each did a tasting and then headed out to their back patio to enjoy a pint of the IPA. On Friday nights, Porter’s food truck parks out back and serves till about 7, so we will definitely be back soon–this time I promise I’ll take more pictures!

You can check out their website here.


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