{A Surprise in Every Box}


Before we got married, Jeff and I used to subscribe to the weekly Cal Poly organic farm CSA box. Every week, we’d (or usually I’d) drive down the dirt roads in the back of campus past the horses and cows and pigs to the organic farm to pick up our gigantic box of veggies.

Unfortunately, the CP organic farm stopped their CSA service about a year ago. Ever since, I’ve been looking for something or someone to replace their service and I finally stumbled across a new CSA organization–SLOVEG. The neat thing about SLOVEG is that they deliver right to your door–how lazy convenient is that? I signed us up for a weekly delivery of a small box last Sunday night and they delivered by Monday afternoon! They also partner with SLO Fresh Catch to provide a weekly delivery of a small fish which I also signed us up for.

Although I could easily pick up the same veggies at the farmer’s market, there’s just something so fun about opening up the box to see what you got this week. Plus, it makes cooking more exciting and inventive as you have to figure out ways to use everything!

This week, we opened our first box to find Spring Lettuce Mix, Organic Heirloom and Early Girl Tomatoes, Organic Dill Herb, Organic Squash Medley, Nijiseiki Pears, Jonalicious Apples, Asparagus, Rainbow Chard, Large Green Leaf Artichokes, Corn on the Cob.

What do you think of CSA boxes?


4 responses

  1. I love ours too! This week we had a sugar pumpkin, an orange hubbard squash, a head of butter lettuce, tomatoes, lemon cukes and an assortment of peppers along with a half dozen eggs in every color. Let me know if you find a good recipe using the chard. So far I’ve just chopped it up and sauteed it or tossed in some soup.

    • Yum–sounds like a lot to me! Out box says it’s supposed to feed 1-2 people but we’re definitely having a hard time getting through it all. Throwing chard in soup is the only thing I know how to do with it too. Thinking about making some white bean soup to use it in this afternoon to eat for lunch next week…

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