{Crashing Aarti’s Paarti}

Aarti Paarti

In addition to all of the food and wine tasting and various booths set up around the ranch, visitors could also purchase tickets to a variety of special events happening throughout the day. As big Food Network fans, one of the events we were most excited about was catching Cat Cora’s food demonstration in the barn. However, at $20 a seat, it was just not in our budget to purchase tickets. Still, ever optimistic, we moseyed over the barn about 10 minutes before the event was slated to begin in hopes of getting a spot in the back to stand.

Well, much to our surprise, the event ended up not being sold out so not only did we get in, we got a seat for free! Talk about a deal! And even more of a surprise, apparently Cat Cora had some sort of scheduling conflict so instead Aarti Sequeiera was leading the demonstration! Jeff and I had watched last year’s season of Food Network Star and were Aarti fans from the beginning, so we were pretty excited at the opportunity to watch her cook in person.

In the hour that followed, Aarti entertained us with stories, jokes, and tips as she cooked twists on classic American party dishes. Chicken wings with a pomegranate syrup sriracha sauce, anyone? We got a chance to to taste the food at the end of the demonstration and man it was delicious!

Aarti Paarti

All I could think about while she was talking was how fun a job that would be, don’t you think? Well, maybe in another lifetime!

Aarti also has a fun blog that I follow–check it out here!


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