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After a long Monday of work/school, I arrived home to the best present ever: my csa box full of veggies! I had been wondering all day what the box would contain and I was definitely not disappointed when I got home. And yes, that is a watermelon you see! We also got Butter Leaf Lettuce, Dino Kale, Radishes, a Green Bell Peppers, Fennel, Cucumbers, Celery, Kohlrabi, Spring Onions, Yellow Squash, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, and a Tri-Colored Green Bean Blend.

We did a decent job of eating everything last week (we do still have a lot of chard!), but this week I’m determined to consume every last vegetable in the box. This will be especially difficult since we’re going out of town on Saturday, so I’m trying to incorporate the vegetables into every meal I eat.

When I got home from class last night, Jeff had apparently read my mind and had made roast chicken, gnocchi with goat cheese, tomatoes, and squash, and a salad with cucumbers and a peach vinaigrette–the perfect start to using our veggies. Good job husband!

And for lunch/snacks tomorrow, I made myself watermelon, celery with almond butter, and salad with green beans and radishes. If we keep this up, hopefully we’ll be in good shape by the time we get our next box on Monday!

While we were listening to  Aarti at Savor on Sunday, she mentioned that she’s been creating a list of all of the veggies she has in her “crisper” so she doesn’t forget that they’re in the fridge and waste them. Being ever the planner, I decided that this was the perfect idea to keep me on track this week.

I’ll have to check in later in the week and let you know how successful (or not) we were! And if you know any good recipes featuring some of the vegetables, please share!

Veggie List

How do you keep from wasting produce?


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  1. Chop up the fresh chard and stir into cornbread batter. It looks beautiful when cooked. Beet greens are gorgeous this way. Do you have kids? They’ll usually eat the greens this way.

    Sauteed chard and poached eggs for breakfast! The best.

  2. This is a biggee for me too. I hate to see produce go to waste, especially if I’m paying extra for organic produce. I make a list as soon as we receive a box each week so I know what I have. Our CSA also provides a weekly newsletter with a few recipes using some of the produce in the box. With that said, it seems to be the chard and/or lettuce that I have a hard time keeping up with. We also have an abundance of tomatoes and cucumers right now. Instead of canning or drying the tomatoes, I read a blog post where they just toss them in the food processor, skins and all, then put them in quart size baggies and into the freezer they go. That way they have the fresh taste of tomatoes long after the season.

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