{Weekend Festivities}

Redondo Beach

What a weekend! Lots of driving, great friends, good food, and maybe a drink or two in there somewhere…

Jeff and I headed down to L.A. this weekend for an engagement party for our good friends. We usually take 101 when we visit L.A., but I somehow convinced Jeff to take Highway 1 this time since I had never been on the southern portion of 1 before, and the ride was absolutely gorgeous. We hit a bit of traffic, but we were able to entertain ourselves by checking out all of the huge and architecturally unique homes up on the bluffs overlooking the ocean and of course, the ocean itself! I must say that it will be strange if we ever move away from the coast…

We had some time to kill after we checked into our hotel, so I looked on yelp to see if there were any breweries near by and stumbled on the Redondo Beach Brewing Company. It’s often hit or miss with local breweries, but we figured we would check it out–I mean, you can’t go too wrong with a brewery just blocks from the beach, right? I ended up ordering their beach blonde and it was delicious–score! It actually reminded me of one of my favorite beers ever–Sierra Nevada’s Glissade–and that’s hard to do. Jeff tried their red, but wasn’t that impressed with his selection.

Overall, it was a great place to pass some time and enjoy some good beer. The outside of the building was adorable too and we were able to sit on a nice outside patio on the 2nd story. I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in the area!

Redondo Beach Brewing Company

Here’s their info.


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