{Mo Tav}

After a long day of setting up Halloween decorations, we decided to go to Mo Tav for dinner and use a coupon we had. Mo Tav, or Mother’s Tavern, is a restaurant located in downtown SLO. They recently changed owners and re-imagined their menu to make it more current and appealing–we’ve been there a few times since they changed the menu and have never been disappointed. They also added a great $2 happy hour menu with drink deals that I’ve eaten/drank from a few too many times than I’d like to admit!

At night, the restaurant turns into a nightclub with a ridiculously expensive cover charge. But it usually has the longest line in town, so I guess they’re doing something right!

Jeff and I were both in the mood for burgers, so I ordered their California Love turkey burger and Jeff ordered their “Schwartz” Be With You.

Here’s the California Love–a turkey burger with jack cheese, a fried egg, tomato, guacamole, fries, and cilantro aioli on a whole wheat bun. Now that’s a burger!

California Love Burger

Here’s the “Schwartz” Be With You–a beef burger with goat cheese, jalapeno, onion rings, spinach, honey mustard on garlic bread. Jeff said the goat cheese and jalapeno combo was to die for, but it was a little lacking in sauce.

"Schwartz" Be With You

I’ve also had their ahi tuna sandwich, mac and cheese, and fish and chips and they are all delicious!

You can check out their menu online here.


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