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Quinoa Cakes and Spinach Salad

One of the best parts of blogging is browsing all of my favorite blogs on google reader when I get home in the afternoons from work. I love seeing what other people are up to–whether it be recipes, home design, remodeling, or fashion. One of my go to blogs is Joy the Baker. She always has beautiful photos and amazing recipes that I want to devour make immediately. Fun fact: Joy actually came to SLO once and visited the Sock Drawer! Unfortunately, I wasn’t working at the time but how cool is that?

Last week, Joy posted a recipe for lemon, olive, and parsley quinoa cakes that I knew I just had to try. The cakes looked pretty similar to the quinoa burgers Jeff and I make all of the time for dinner, but adding olives and serving the cakes over a bed of spinach salad was too enticing to pass up. And not surprisingly, the recipe turned out great!

Of course, we did make a few modifications as I think we all do as we adapt recipes to meet the needs of our own kitchens and our own tastes. To start with, we didn’t have any parsley so that element was eliminated. We also decided to add some goat cheese to the top of the quinoa cakes and place them in the oven from about 5 minutes until the cheese melted. I never pass up an opportunity to add goat cheese to anything! Finally, Jeff made a delicious honey mustard dressing for the spinach which ended up being the perfect element to complete the dish. To me, the best way to eat a meal like this is to take a bite with a little bit of everything: quinoa cake, spinach salad, and honey mustard dressing. Perfection!

Check out Joythebaker for the recipe here.

Quinoa Cakes and Spinach Salad

Where do you get your cooking inspiration?


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