Taco Roco

So I had great intentions of sharing a calzone recipe with you today, but then we didn’t end up making them last night so that became pretty much impossible. Fail. Instead, we ate out for the second night in a row. Double fail. Somehow, I just couldn’t cook last night and Jeff didn’t get home till late last night, so he didn’t cook either.

There is a silver lining: we did get to eat out at one of my favorite Mexican food restaurants in town–Taco Roco! We often stop by Taco Roco to grab take out burritos or enchiladas for lazy or busy nights. By now, you know all about my obsession with Mexican food and Taco Roco definitely satisfies that obsession. Although as you can see from the picture above, I’m definitely taking a salad for lunch today to soak up all that grease!

And I promise I’ll be making those calzones tonight. Pesto, spinach and yellow cherry tomato or marinara, turkey meatball, and mozzarella?


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