{The Calzones}


Jeff and I finally got our act together last night, so as promised, here are the calzones!

In addition to being a bit  lazy this week, we were also in a recipe rut. We had discussed several recipe options but were just not very excited by any of our ideas. Jeff wanted to make pesto pizza with some Trader Joe’s pizza dough we had frozen just to have on hand, but I was looking for something a little more out of the box. And with that, the pizza turned into calzones! I know, I know, it’s basically just pizza folded over and with more carbs (mmm… love my carbs!) but it was enough of a departure for me!

Like usual, we each made our own calzones with different ingredients. Mine: pesto, onion, yellow cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and green onions. His: marinara, onion, pepperoni, onions, and green olives.



After doing a bit of online research, it seemed like the best way to get a perfect calzone was to bake them on lower heat and for quite a bit longer than a normal pizza. Our magic combination was 350 degrees for 40 minutes, so you’ll need to factor in a longer cook time when you’re getting ready to make them for dinner. Also, in order to get that nice brown outer crust, you have to either coat the outside of the calzone with an egg wash (egg + water) or with some melted butter.

The result? A familiar dinner with a new twist! Warning–these things were extremely filling. We split the pizza dough in half to make our own but I think I should have just used a fourth!

On to more recipe searching, so this failure doesn’t happen again next week!


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