{Accessorizing for Fall}

Owl Necklace

On my way home from work the other night, I decided to run into Old Navy to check out what they had in for fall and, most importantly, what they had on sale. When I was ready to check out, the line was a little long, so I decided to do a bit more browsing while I waited for the line to go down. That’s when I noticed the jewelry racks–since when does Old Navy have jewelry?? I’m usually scared away by large spinning jewelry rack thingys because there’s just way too much to focus on, but this time, something pulled me towards the racks and I started looking.

That’s when I saw it–the cutest owl necklace! I’m an avid reader of the design blog Perfectly Imperfect and Shaunna, the writer, has this Darby Drake owl necklace that I’ve always been in love with, and this Old Navy version reminded me so much of it. Plus, for only $10, who could resist?

Owl Necklace

It’s the perfect fall accessory, don’t you think?


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