{Sally Loo’s}

Sally Loo's

Sally Loo’s is this great little coffee shop located right by the railroad station, the railroad trail, and Gus’s. I often head over there when I have homework or writing to do just to change up the atmosphere and at least feel like I’m being social when I have a lot to get done. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way because the place is always packed with college students and locals enjoying coffee and the free wi-fi–two things that seem to go hand in hand these days!

In addition to their great coffee and wi-fi, Sally Loo’s also has scrumptious baked goods and a full breakfast and lunch menu. And, happily, most of their fresh food is organic and from local farmers. They usually also have a great vegan selection of goodies–the best vegan dessert-type bar I’ve ever had was from here!

And although I’m pretty partial to Blackhorse’s cappuccinos, this is by far my favorite place to meet up with friends or catch up on work.  They also have a fun blog with their store information if you are interesting in checking it out!


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