Last Saturday night, Jeff and I decided to check out one of the new restaurants downtown–Raku–a self-proclaimed “Japanese Fusion” restaurant. It seems like new restaurants are popping up all over SLO right now and according to a recent SLO Tribune article, 18 new restaurants have opened in SLO in the past 2 years. That’s a lot! Unfortunately, that often means these new eateries are replacing old ones that have gone out of business. Take Raku–it replaced the Italian market and local favorite Muzio’s which just couldn’t make it in this economy.

On a happier note, new restaurants do mean an excuse to go out to eat! Jeff and I aren’t usually sushi eaters but decided to be adventurous and see what it is all about.

The restaurant itself is done well and makes good use of a small space without feeling too cramped. Since it was a chilly night, we began our night with warm Sake which neither of us had ever had before. Bad idea! Maybe I’m just used to beer, but I will not be having any more sake anytime soon!


For dinner, we split a California Roll and the Holy Moly Roll (avocado, salmon, tuna, mango, cilantro/creamy wasabit sauce with pink soypaper) which were both delicious, although I think our favorite part was the wasabi and ginger!


Although it’s not the best restaurant SLO has to offer, it’s still a fun place to try something new or just have a small bite to eat.

You can check out more about it on their website here!


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