With our CSA box last week, we received barracuda as part of the Fresh Catch program we are also a part of. I know, barracuda? A little scared, I immediately put in in the freezer hoping inspiration would strike at some point with what to do with it. Well, last weekend, that inspiration had definitely not struck and with the promise of more fish on Monday, I needed to make it soon. Solution? Make it for my parents! That way, we would have 4 people eating it if it didn’t turn out so well.

We ended up dredging it in egg and flour, frying it in some olive oil, and serving it as a side to our clam chowder. And to everyone’s surprise, it was actually great! The fish was pretty mild but had great texture and flavor. Who knew?

Because we all also had clam chowder to eat, we ended up saving most of it and my mom used it to make a salad with the rest of our CSA veggies for lunch the next day.

Salads are such an easy way to use leftover meat whether it be fish, chicken, or beef.

Barracuda Salad

I think I might just have to buy some more!


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