{Nautical Bean}

Nautical Bean

Nautical Bean is a great little coffee shop with 2 locations in SLO. Lucky for me, they opened a store right around the block fromThe Sock Drawer, so it’s become a place I frequent often. I am in love with their “eggels”–a bagel with eggs–and sometimes pick them up up before work downtown. My favorite is the California Eggel with an everything bagel, eggs, tomato, jack cheese, avocado, and sprouts. Doesn’t it look delicious?

California Eggel

California Eggel

While my parents were in town last week, I took them to Nautical for a quick bite to eat before they headed back on the road. I was just about to order some regular coffee when I saw a special for a Pumpkin Chai Latte. Yes please! I love seasonal drinks, but they often taste artificial and are just way too sugary. But this was the perfect blend of festivity and coffee–I can’t wait to go back this weekend!

Pumpkin Chai Latte

FYI, Nautical also has free WiFi and is a great place to catch up on work or read a book! You can check out more about them on their website here.


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