{Urbane Cafe}

Urbane Cafe

Urbane Cafe is yet another new restaurant that has opened recently in downtown SLO. The cafe is a small Southern California chain with the SLO location being the 6th and northernmost location. It’s been packed every time I’ve walked past it, although this has probably been more indicative of its newness and not its food quality, but I figured that it would be a great place to check out and celebrate the beginning of my week off!

True to my previous experience, the place was packed when we got there but the line went quickly enough and there was plenty of both inside and outside seating. I was pretty excited about the menu items–a variety of warm paninis and fresh salads both served with foccacia being made fresh in a pizza oven right next to the register.

I always tell myself I’m going to order a salad, but the lure of a sandwich always seems to pull me in–what can I say, I love my carbs! Jeff and I both ordered varieties of the same thing: I ordered a So-Cal Sandwich with grilled chicken, avocado, tomatillo salsa, pepper jack cheese, green leaf lettuce, and a chipotle mayonnaise and Jeff ordered a Southwest Chicken Sandwich with grilled Cajun chicken, avocado, corn/black bean salsa, pepper jack cheese, and a chipotle mayonnaise. Surprisingly,  both sandwiches came with a small basic salad for $7.25 each. That seems like a deal these days!

So Cal Sandwich

Both sandwiches were really good, although mine could have used a bit more spice and avocado, but maybe that’s just my avocado obsession. The focaccia was a nice touch but the softness of the bread really needed to be countered with some sort of crunch to make it work. Perhaps some fresh onions?

You can check out more about Urbane Cafe on their website here. It wasn’t perfect, but we will definitely be back soon to try new items!


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