{Eureka! Burger}

Eureka! Burger is yet another new restaurant that recently opened in downtown SLO. I told you there have been a lot! Jeff was especially excited for this one because it was marketed as a beer and burger joint–right up his alley, don’t you think? For the past few months, we would stop so he could drool at all of the beer handles being installed at the bar through the window… So needless to say, we made it a priority to check it out as soon as possible. We ended up making it 8 days after it opened–I’m pretty impressed that we waited that long!

Verdict? Food=great, beer selection=decent, service=needs improvement. Let’s start with the food. Eureka! definitely lived up to its hype as a burger joint. Jeff ordered their cowboy burger (think western bacon cheeseburger) and said it was amazing. Thick, juicy patty accompanied with these great shoestring fries.

I was intrigued by their veggie burger: a unique homemade blended red beet patty served with arugula, tomato, Bermuda onion and lemon vinaigrette dressing garnished with homemade zucchini pickles. I hate that so many restaurants just used frozen pre-made veggie patties, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually made theirs from scratch, and that it was so unique. And let me tell you, it was amazing–hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. The zucchini pickles were like the icing on the cake!

Eureka! Veggie Burger

Onto the beer. The restaurant had a great selection of all different types of beer and an intriguing list of specialities, although there were only 3 on the list that Jeff and I had never tried. Beer snobs, I know! You could either order a 4 beer sampler or just a normal pint. We went with the sampler but were a bit shocked at the price–$9-10 dollars for a pint’s worth of beer when the pints only cost $5-6 themselves! The other downside to their beer menu was that many of their beers were tapped out, and the speciality list was on a chalkboard by the door, which we originally didn’t notice so we didn’t order anything off of it.

Beer Flight

Which brings me to my next point, the service. Maybe its just because its a new restaurant but you would think a new restaurant trying to survive in a place with such high turn around like SLO would put more emphasis on this part of their business. Our server should have pointed out the speciality beer list to us and walked us through the process a bit more since it was our first time there. Moreover, the servers (we had them switch mid-shift) were inattentive and not helpful at all. Again, maybe this was just because they are a new restaurant and hopefully, next time this will be fixed.

Luckily for them, the food was great, so we will probably be back again (I’ll let you know if the service improves)!

You can check out more about Eureka! Burger on their website here.


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