{Seared Tuna with a Broccoli Radish Slaw}

Seared Ahi

When our CSA box was delivered last week, I must say I was a bit intimidated when I saw the fish: bluefin tuna. We’ve made so many fish tacos with our past fish deliveries, so I guess it was good that we were forced to make something else, but since I’d never cooked tuna before, I was a little unsure about what exactly to do with it. I did know that you just needed to sear it on each side which seemed easy enough, but as you can see from the picture, my tuna filet definitely turned out a little uneven and crispy in places…oops! Still, I’d say it was a pretty decent first attempt! I think I just left it a little too long on one side–it just seems weird not to cook it for longer! Prior to searing, I had just marinated the tuna in a little teriyaki sauce. I had also planned to bread the tuna, but forgot that we were out of panko so that was a no-go.

The best part of the dinner was the broccoli and radish slaw. I love using my food processor attachment to create quick, even slices–and because its just fun to watch the blade in action! Then, I just tossed the slaw with a little white vinegar, salt, and pepper, and it was the perfect compliment to my beginner’s tuna.

And while Jeff wouldn’t eat it, the flavors were definitely good enough to make again. Now, I just need to master my fish searing technique!


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