Kona’s Deli is a local favorite here in SLO especially for poor, hungry college students in want of meal that has big bang for your buck. That is, of course, until it burned down two years ago! Since then, we’ve been eagerly waiting for the new building (same location) to be finished, so we could get our sandwich fix again. And now, I’m happy to report that time has come!

Before the building burnt down, Jeff and I used to live pretty close to Kona’s, so it was our go to spot for a quick meal. But since we’ve moved to the other side of town, Gus’s has reigned supreme in our choice of sandwich shop, although I guess Kona’s wasn’t really a choice for most of that time. Still, I was excited to head back over and see if the sandwiches lived up to my memory. The sandwiches are huge, so Jeff and I have always ordered the full and split it, which I swear is still larger than a normal sized sandwich. This is a half!


Kona’s is especially known for their thick, fresh bread which is great since you know I love my carbs! But after a years absence, my tastes have definitely grown partial to Gus’s. Kona’s is just more of a college sandwich shop–cheap prices, large portions, but with that comes a sacrifice in quality. While it may hold many great lunch memories, I guess it was time for my sandwich tastes to grow up too!

Kona’s is located near the corner of Foothill Blvd and Santa Rosa in SLO.


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