{Honeymoon Cafe}

Honeymoon Cafe

Hands down, Honeymoon Cafe is my favorite place for breakfast in the area. And as someone who is not much of a big breakfast eater, I don’t say that lightly! The restaurant sits on an unassuming corner of Price St. in Pismo Beach, but is always packed with people who crave their fresh, local, often organic, and always delicious breakfasts and lunches and eclectic, neighborhood vibe.

Jeff and I headed over there on Saturday for a little birthday celebration (24!) and a walk on the beach. The day was absolutely gorgeous, but we decided to sit inside in a cozy corner and enjoy our breakfast and coffee–did I mention their coffee is amazing too?

Honeymoon Cafe

My go-to order at Honeymoon is their Moonrise bagel which is a lot like Nautical Bean’s California Eggel. However, this weekend I was looking for something a bit more special–it was my birthday after all!–so I ordered the multigrain pancakes with eggs and veggie sausage. The pancakes were to die for!

Honeymoon Cafe

Jeff ordered their sourdough french toast which was also amazing.

Honeymoon Cafe

It is a bit of a trek for us to get out there, but it is highly worth the trip! You can find more reviews of Honeymoon Cafe on their yelp page here.


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