{SLO Creek Farms}

SLO Creek Farms

After our delicious breakfast at Honeymoon Cafe this past weekend and a quick but gorgeous walk on the beach, we headed over to SLO Creek Farms for a little apple picking birthday fun. I know it’s a bit late in the apple season, but I was hoping there would still a be a few apples left on the trees to snatch up!

The farm just has a little stand on the side of Monte Rd., right by the exit for Avila Beach. You can either purchase already picked apples at the stand or grab a bucket and head out into the orchard to pick your own! The trees were looking more than a little barren, but we still decided to see if we could find any to pick. Plus, you can eat as many apples for free as you want while you’re out in the orchard!

SLO Creek Farms

Let’s just say it took a bit of hunting to find the good apples, which we tried to do quickly as the entire orchard had a pretty foul smell of fermenting, decaying apples! But I must say, we did have fun hunting and searching for the best ones!

SLO Creek Farms

Here was our loot!

SLO Creek Farms

Overall, SLO Creek Farms is definitely a fun family-friendly afternoon trip idea, although may I recommend going a bit earlier in the season! The farm also encourages you to bring along a picnic lunch and make a day trip out of it which I think would be a pretty fun idea. You can find more about the farm and their apple orchard here.


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