{Mo’s Smokehouse BBQ}

Mo's BBQ

When I’m not in the mood for making it myself, one of my favorite places to grab comfort food is at Mo’s Smokehouse BBQ in downtown SLO. The restaurant, food and decor included, was inspired by a barbecue tour trip the owner, Mo, took across country one year. According to the website and owner Mo,

Twenty years into my restaurant career, I decided to open a real barbecue restaurant. With a good buddy, I set off to find out what barbecue was all about. We made a 3,500 mile swing through the barbecue belt – visiting 10 states and over 80 barbecue restaurants. The people were great. We got recipes, tips, techniques, advice, instructions and one heck of a lot of inspiration. Everywhere we stopped we bought an antique chair for Mo’s Smokehouse. Also, you’ll notice the unique photos of cooks, meat smokers and BBQ joints hanging on the walls at Mo’s. These were taken by us on the many stops we made. When we came home we had the greatest recipes for beans, onion rings, coleslaw, pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, sweet potato pie – and we knew just the kind of place we wanted. We built Mo’s from the floor up to be the finest barbecue restaurant in the west. So sit back, suck in some of the hickory smoked flavors floating about, order up… and enjoy!”

The food really is delicious–I could eat buckets of their potato salad without stopping. Plus, they have decently priced pitchers of local favorite Firestone Double Barrel Ale (DBA), so you can’t really go wrong with that! Mo’s is definitely more family-oriented than the other BBQ joints in town which usually just makes it more low-key and less crowded–my kind of restaurant.

Mo's BBQ

Mo's BBQ

Last weekend, we were able to enjoy Mo’s great food and the annual Christmas parade at the same time–a pretty perfect evening! Jeff and I split a pulled chicken sandwich topped with coleslaw and served with a side of potato salad and baked beans.

Mo's BBQ

I am obsessed with in love with their Carolina BBQ sauce! Their Carolina Chicken Burger is often my go-to order for that very reason.

Carolina BBQ SauceYou can check out more about Mo’s on their website here.


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