{My Favorite SLO Things Gift Baskets}

Gift Basket

For Christmas gifts for our parents this year, Jeff and I decided to make a favorite SLO things gift basket. We thought it might be a fun idea since I’ve started this blog and since this is our last year in SLO (trying not to think about that part yet!). I had so much fun picking and choosing which places to include in the gift basket, but, of course, there were some price and size limitations to consider. Here’s what we ended up with.

1. Sweet Earth Chocolates— Sweet Earth Chocolates is a local, organic, fair trade chocolate shop. Jeff and I actually used their chocolate truffles as favors for our wedding last year! I got a few pieces of their dark chocolate almond bark and their chili orange walnut bark.  Yum!

Sweet Earth Chocolates

Sweet Earth Chocolates

2. We Olive Oil–We also put a bottle of the local olive oil store’s Tuscan Blend, an unfiltered olive oil from Paso Robles. At the store, you can buy a large container and then keep refilling the bottle at a discounted price.

We Olive Olive Oil

We Olive Olive Oil

3. Mo’s Barbecue Sauce–You already know I love Mo’s Barbecue, so a bottle of their sauce seemed like the perfect addition to the gift basket. My favorite is their Sweet Carolina, but we decided to go with the more universally delicious Philthy Phil’s.

Mo's Barbecue Sauce

4. Off the Farm–We also included an Off the Farm Blueberry Vanilla energy bar in each of the gift baskets. I’ve been noticing these little goodies in a few local stores and markets and since they’re made locally, I thought they would be a great little addition to the basket.

Off the Farm

5. Kenneth Volk–My parents drink more wine than beer, so we decided to include a bottle of wine from our favorite winery, Kenneth Volk. We went with a bottle of their chardonnay and it was great, just as always.

Kenneth Volk Chardonnay

6. Tap It–In Jeff’s parents’ gift basket, we also included a bottle of Tap It’s IPA and APA from the local brewery.

Tap It

Here’s the finished project!

Gift Basket

What do you think?



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