{Egg in a Hole}

Happy Friday friends!

Growing up, an egg in a hole was always one of my favorite weekend breakfasts. There was just something magical to me about the way the egg and the bread became one in the frying process and how the yoke would burst when you dipped it with the sides of the bread. As I came an adult, I was still somewhat baffled by the process. Something that amazing has to be difficult to make, right?

I used to beg Jeff to make me one every weekend, until one day, he got a little annoyed or lazy, and insisted that it was about time I learned to make it myself. And you know what? The process was pretty gosh darn simple.

All you have to do is heat a generous amount of butter in a frying pan (don’t all good meals start out that way?).

Egg in a hole

While the butter heats, you cut a circle in a piece of your favorite bread. You could do this with the opening of a jar, one of those fancy circle cutters, or just with a knife if you can get over the need for a perfect circle.

Egg in a hole

Egg in a hole

Place the bread with a hole in it and the circle piece that got cut out in the frying pan.

Egg in a hole

Crack your egg in the center of the hole.

Egg in a hole

Here comes the neat part. To prevent you from flipping your egg in a hole too early, wait until your little circle piece of bread is sufficiently toasted and browned–this should be perfect timing for flipping the egg (or about 2 minutes/side).

Egg in a hole


Now again, when the other side of the little circle piece is nice and brown–your egg in a hole is done!

Egg in a hole

And now I can make eggs in a hole whenever I want–dangerous knowledge at times!

{Honeymoon Cafe}

Honeymoon Cafe

Hands down, Honeymoon Cafe is my favorite place for breakfast in the area. And as someone who is not much of a big breakfast eater, I don’t say that lightly! The restaurant sits on an unassuming corner of Price St. in Pismo Beach, but is always packed with people who crave their fresh, local, often organic, and always delicious breakfasts and lunches and eclectic, neighborhood vibe.

Jeff and I headed over there on Saturday for a little birthday celebration (24!) and a walk on the beach. The day was absolutely gorgeous, but we decided to sit inside in a cozy corner and enjoy our breakfast and coffee–did I mention their coffee is amazing too?

Honeymoon Cafe

My go-to order at Honeymoon is their Moonrise bagel which is a lot like Nautical Bean’s California Eggel. However, this weekend I was looking for something a bit more special–it was my birthday after all!–so I ordered the multigrain pancakes with eggs and veggie sausage. The pancakes were to die for!

Honeymoon Cafe

Jeff ordered their sourdough french toast which was also amazing.

Honeymoon Cafe

It is a bit of a trek for us to get out there, but it is highly worth the trip! You can find more reviews of Honeymoon Cafe on their yelp page here.

{Custom House}

To celebrate Labor Day morning and my brother being in town, we headed over to Avila Beach to go to one of our favorite breakfast spots–Custom House. Well actually, we first headed to Pismo Beach to go to another one of my favorite breakfast spots, but it ended up being closed–who closes on Labor Day?!

Custom House has prime real estate in Avila Beach and is a great space to enjoy a hearty breakfast and gaze out at the ocean. Jeff and I actually stayed in Avila Beach for our wedding night and went there for breakfast the next morning! We started off with a few mimosas while we decided on what to order. I decided that I was in the mood for a savory breakfast so I ordered the huevos rancheros (did I mention I like beans?) which I devoured in about 5 minutes.

Huevos Rancheros

My brother ordered the french toast churro style. No words needed.

French Toast

After breakfast, we walked out on the pier to enjoy the sunny morning and snap a few shots.

Avila Beach

Here’s the Custom House menu if you’re ever in the area!

Did you go out to eat this weekend?


I have a smoothie for breakfast most mornings. It’s light enough for the morning but still filling, protein rich, and always seems to stay with me until lunch! I often add some Green SuperFood for a little added nutritional benefit.

Berry Smoothie

Smoothie Ingredients:

1 Banana
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1 cup Trader Joe’s Frozen Berry Medley
1 scoop Amazing Grass Berry Flavor Drink Powder  (Green SuperFood)
1 cup Almond Milk

You can switch it up just by adding whatever fruit, fresh or frozen, you happen to have on hand, or by adding a bit of juice. I bought a pineapple this weekend, so I used fresh pineapple chunks in my smoothies for most of this week–delicious!!