{Friday Night}


Unfortunately, The Broad St. Tavern has officially closed its doors :(

Last Friday night, Jeff and I went to the Broad St. Tavern, a new pub style bar in downtown SLO that we heard had an impressive beer selection. Well, they did have a great beer but, unbeknownst to us, the pub was actually known for its absinthe bar. Absinthe was just recently legalized in California, so we figured–why not? And being an English major in college, I couldn’t help feeling a little like Hemingway in Paris, as we ordered the drink for the first time.

Absinthe is around a 140 proof spirit derived from wormwood, green anise, and fennel. Although it’s often been portrayed as a dangerous, psychoactive drug, it’s really no dangerous than ordinary vodka.

The preparation process was fascinating. First, they filled a big jar with ice water. After the water reached the desired temperature, the valves were opened to slowly drip the ice water onto a sugar cube. The sugar cube would then melt into the absinthe below until the clear emerald color turned a murky lighter green.

Absinthe Process

Absinthe and Sugar Cube

It took about 10 minutes for the process to finish. Finally, we got to taste it–if you’re not a black licorice/fennel fan, the you definitely will not like absinthe! Jeff hated it but seeing as I’ve always been obsessed with black licorice, I thought it was pretty tasty!

See the difference in color between the two pictures?

Ready to Drink Absinthe

The elaborate process was definitely worth seeing for the first time but since I rarely drink hard alcohol, I don’t really see myself trying it again anytime soon. But it was fun trying something I know many great writers used to drink all the time!

This Friday night, I’m going to see my students’ talent show–definitely a much more mellow night!

What are you doing this Friday night?

Anyone else have Katy Perry stuck in their head now??